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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located?

About 5 minutes away from Lindsey park. I am home based so the exact address is only found in your email after booking.

Can you squeeze me in?

No. You are able to book up to 30 days in advance and as little as 15 hrs in advance. If it isn't available online then it isn't available.

Do you do loc extensions?

No and I will not maintain or do any repairs on them.

How long does my hair have to be to braid?

At least 3 inches long all the way around. This applies to all braid/natural hair services. If you are unsure if its long enough send photos of your hair BEFORE booking!

Do you service kids?

Yes. kids age 3 and up are welcome as long as they can sit and be serviced for most of the appointment. Use coupon code "kid"

Do you combine locs?

No. Only if it is just a few for repair purposes.

Do I have to book a consultation?

No. Clear photos/video of your hair works fine. All services that require one are labeled.

Do you comb out locs?


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