Sisterlock Retightening

4 - 6 weeks

Service Description

Retightening of sisterlocks within a 4-6 week period. Anything past 7 full weeks is considered overdue. +$20 for simple styling The average sisterlocks retie takes me 3 hours or less. Any additional time is $50/hr and will have to be scheduled separately. This appointment is for 3 hours only. NOT ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS! (If you have not been serviced by me in the past 3 months you are considered a new client.)

Contact Details

  • +19033001863

Cancellation Policy

Once you are 15 minutes late without prior communication your appointment will be forfeited and considered a no call/no show. The remaining balance of your missed appointment must be paid before being able to book again. Create an account for online rescheduling!